Gator Waders Everglade 2.0 Boots and Maze 2.0 Water Shoes


The Gator Waders line of all-popular and fully-trusted offroad waders have always been designed for men and woman who want to get down and dirty, while feeling and looking good doing it. In true Gator Waders fashion, its footwear line follows suit.

The all-new Everglade 2.0 boots were designed to be extremely lightweight, while offering maximum comfort in all of your outdoor expeditions. Of course, they are water resistant. These boots are constructed with an ultra-abrasion resistant neoprene with reinforcements where it truly matters, keeping you protected while providing a full range of motion and maximum articulation with the Axis™ heal hinge technology.

The Everglade 2.0’s also feature reinforced protective shin guards, an aggressive cleated rubber outsole, and a rear calf adjustable gusset.

Regardless of the weather or time of year you will be riding, the Everglade 2.0’s are available in uninsulated and insulated options. The uninsulated boots are constructed with 3.5mm ultra-abrasion resistant neoprene and the insulated boots are constructed with 6mm ultra-abrasion resistant neoprene (equivalent to 1000g of Thinsulate insulation) with a fleece liner.

The Everglade 2.0’s are offered in men’s sizes 8 through 14 in four different colors; black on black, red on black, blue on black, and lime on black. Women’s sizes come in 6 through 10 and

But that’s not all Gator Wader’s has to offer for offroad footwear. The Maze Water Shoes are back by popular demand and come in a new-and-improved 2.0 style.

The Maze 2.0’s are equipped with all-new features, including an enclosed protective toe and high-rise sides to protect your feet from twigs and ricks that sneak their way in. The redesigned tread allows for ample traction, while still allowing water to drain from the break in the arch. They are made with a premium EVA foam for a contoured fit and stylish look.

The Gator Waders Maze 2.0 Water Shoes are offered in men’s sizes 8 through 14 with color options of lime green and blue, and in women’s sizes 6 through 10 in aqua and pink.